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In the armed forces, chaff is a cloud of material spread behind a target, designed to confuse either detection or attack. CyberChaff uses the same concept to thwart and detect address cyber-attacks.

CyberChaff provides a new level of network protection and actionable intelligence for enterprises, governments and universities looking to deploy network intrusion detection and network protection, without the high rate of false positives typical in traditional IDS systems. Because no valid network users should connect to a CyberChaff false host, connection events provide high value information to cybersecurity professionals and are high indicators of compromise.


Your networks without CyberChaff™

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CyberChaff also provides false attack surface expansion, by creating large numbers of secure, false hosts/devices on a network that can funnel attackers to a low number of existing honeypots. Enterprises may configure large numbers of CyberChaff to forward connection requests to a low number of vulnerable, high-interaction honeypots.


With CyberChaff™

CyberChaff provides extensive deception capabilities that are easily configurable, providing for high fidelity deception that can be customized to match your network including:

  • Simulation of over 3,500 different devices and operating systems
  • Lightweight simulation of a wide array of services
  • Customizable MAC vendor prefixes
  • Service forwarding on any TCP/UDP port, to high-interaction honeypots

CyberChaff provides extensive integration capabilities making deployment possible in under 30 minutes. Key integration capabilities include:

  • Supports static IP and DHCP for false nodes
  • Supports VLAN separation of management console from false nodes
  • Supports multiple VLANs for false nodes from a single instance of CyberChaff
  • Provides JSON over SSH protocol for remote management by administrators or 3rd party network management software
  • Generates alerts in syslog format, including raw, CEF, and JSON format

CyberChaff is available integrated in hardware appliances or in virtual editions (subject to minimum system requirements).